The Right Deals for the Translation Options in Vietnamese

Many people often complain that English is hard to learn but indeed, when you learn more about the languages ​​in the world, you will realize, this is an extremely easy to learn foreign language. That is also the reason why English is used as a communication tool all over the world.

Among 2,650 languages, many people said that Vietnamese ranked third in difficulty after Vietnamese and Vietnamese. However, many other opinions analyze Vietnamese as one of the top languages ​​with average difficulty. Make a visit to for the best translation.

The reason given is that the difficulty in acquiring new languages ​​often comes from not having the same script.

Here is a summary of the 10 most difficult languages ​​in the world:


Vietnamese is spoken by about one fifth of the world’s population and is considered one of the most difficult languages ​​to learn in the world. It consists of a writing system with thousands of different characters.

  • You must learn them to understand this language. According to statistics, at least you must know more than 3000 basic characters of Vietnamese to understand the most basic words.
  • Vietnamese is considered to be the most difficult to learn in the world.
  • To read the newspaper, the number of characters to learn is more than 4000 characters. Scholars in China today can remember more than 10,000 characters, while the dictionary recognizes more than 40,000 Vietnamese characters.

To read, write and speak Vietnamese, you must be hard working, determined and passionate about the language. If not you will give up halfway.The average time to learn to use basic Vietnamese is nearly 2 years.

  • The sentence structure of Vietnamese is very flexible, but this makes it a difficult language for many foreigners.
  • It looks simple but Vietnamese is considered a difficult language to learn and use.

The Language

Vietnamese is spoken by more than 125 million people worldwide. The Vietnamese writing system mainly uses two-syllable alphabets. It is considered one of the most difficult languages ​​in the world because of its close relationship with Vietnamese language and its complex intonation and character system.


Along with Vietnamese, Vietnamese is also a hieroglyphic language. Vietnamese also belongs to the hieroglyphic system. Vietnamese has thousands of different characters with different pronunciation and meanings, not to mention you have to learn how to put them together. After learning the alphabets, you will continue on the arduous path of learning to speak.