Smart Options with Pokemon Go: The Tracking Game

Nintendo has undeniably already succeeded by exploiting its license for a game of a new genre. The Japanese teamed up with Niantic Inc. to create an augmented reality and treasure hunt game where you have to go out and move. This is the peculiarity of Pokémon GO you can’t play sitting in your living room, you absolutely have to go out and walk to find creatures or to face others. You can still grab the Pokemon go account and have the best time with it.

It is not the first time that such a game exists

In fact, Niantic is the creator of Ingress, a very similar title created a few years ago by Google. But the popularity of Pokémon GO is incredibly higher, at least at this point: across the Atlantic, in big cities in particular, the concentration of players was sometimes exceptional yesterday. Pokémon still attract as many fans twenty years after their creation.

  • Logical consequence, Pokémon GO grabbed the top places on the App Store, both for the number of downloads and for ranking the most profitable apps. Like all modern games, this one indeed adopts a freemium model, with many in-app purchases that allow accelerating its progress, especially if you don’t want to move too much.
  • Since launch, Nintendo is said to be earning more than a million and a half million dollars a day and the action is advancing at a pace close to the record. In one weekend, the capitalization of the Japanese company increased to the tune of 8 billion dollars. There are other, more impressive, ways to measure the success of the game. On Android, Pokémon GO would have been installed on more devices than the Tinder dating app. And the game could quickly overtake Twitter, still on Android and this time in terms of daily users.


And this success only concerns a handful of countries for the time being, the servers essential to Pokémon GO still having trouble ensuring proper functioning for current players. However, faced with this success, we imagine that Nintendo will do everything to speed up the release schedule.When will you be able to play Pokémon GO? Impossible to know at this stage, but other countries will be added quickly, probably in the coming days.Once you’ve downloaded the game and connected, check out this easy “Pokemon Go” guide to everything beginners need to know to get started.You will need to create a Pokemon Trainer Club account, or you can use a Google account to sign in.