Labradoodle DogThe Inception and More

Some dog allergy owners have to abandon their Labradoodle due to molting.Thus, if you are going to get a Labradoodle puppy, you should know about their high price, which is usually much higher than a Poodle or Labrador puppy, as well as about a possible molt, which can be not only seasonal, but also permanent, like Labradors. In any case, if you intend to pay a fairly high price for the purchase of Labradoodle, you should learn as much as possible about the breeder and the breed itself.

Breed history

Labradoodle Dog was bred in Australia, so it also has a different name, Australian Labrudoodle.The breed became famous for the first time in 1988 when breeder Wally Conron, responsible for the Guide Dog Breeding Program in Australia, made the first cross between a standard poodle and a Labrador Retriever.

  • The first dog, nicknamed Sultan, did not have hypoallergenic hair, but had developed mental abilities to become an effective guide dog. After other breeders saw the potential of the new hybrid breed, Labradudule soon became the most popular “doodle” breed.
  • The Australian Labradoodle Club and the International Labradoodle Association are attempting to produce a recognizable and viable breed using multi-generation breeding.
  • They hope to give this designer breed a registered status.
  • Today, thanks to these groups, many breeders continue to work together to achieve specific and stable breed standards.


  • Labradoodle has three varieties, like a poodle – standard (large), medium (small) and miniature.
  • Standard Labradoodle reaches a height of 59 to 65 cm (males) and 55 – 60 cm (females). Their weight varies from 22 to 30 kg.
  • Medium labradoodles should be 49-55 cm tall (males) and 45-50 cm tall (females). Their weight can vary from 15 to 21 kg.
  • Miniature labradoodle are much smaller, their weight is on average 7-14 kg, and their height is from 30 to 45 cm.

Labradoodle character

With proper training and socialization, a Labradoodle can be an ideal family pet.This friendly dog ​​is sure to become his family’s best friend.She will fully devote herself to her people, will be a gentle and joyful companion.The nature of labradoodle depends on several factors, including heredity and training. Properly raised puppies are playful and curious, ready to approach a person and help him.From the point of view of complaisance, it is better to choose an average puppy who does not hide in the corner, but also does not bully brothers and sisters.

It is also recommended to see at least one of the parents to make sure that he has a good and comfortable character.