Instagram Account Choices you Can Make

In most cases, this number is nothing more than a vanity metric. Thus, buying followers to increase it can be tempting, but ineffective. In the end, you may be doing more harm than good for your company. The instagram account creator is important.

Low engagement

When you buy followers, you’re not getting people interested or willing to actually get involved with you, your brand, or your company. In practice, you are just buying numbers. Consequently, you will have very poor engagement on your posts and end up wasting all the effort put into the strategy. And make no mistake, as every small engagement action counts when the goal is to engage your audience. So taking the time to create videos or interactive posts won’t do you any good if your audience is dumb.

Loss of credibility

Nowadays, users are more demanding. When they find a profile with thousands of followers, but with low signs of engagement, they question the credibility of the brand. The platform is based on authenticity and real life experiences. Users have become very accustomed to detecting the behavior of fake messages and outlined marketing. The truth is just one: you can get followers on Instagram by paying for it, but it’s not worth it. In most cases, it is throwing money out the window.

Respondents who follow famous still pointed out the segments of influencers who prefer to follow. The main ones are:

  • Fashion (51%), Health and fitness (49%), Humor (49%), Music (48%), Makeup and aesthetics (46%), Cinema and TV (42%) and Travel and Tourism (41%).
  • Oh, and to learn more about how to take advantage of this, read our article on the benefits of influence marketing.

User Opinion: Do Instagram Ads Work?

For some time now Instagram started showing ads for commercial profiles both in the feed and between stories. And do users approve the advertisements?

We asked users in the Instagram survey what they think of the relevance of the ads, and most approve of the content. 60% of respondents think that the ads have to do with their profile.

Still on Instagram ads, half of the respondents find the ads interesting, in general. Meanwhile, 23% say the ads annoy them, and the rest of the sample doesn’t care about that content.

But objectively speaking: do the ads work or not?

85% of users said they clicked on the ads , even if rarely. Of these, 13% click frequently or always. And effectiveness can also be measured by the 35% who said they had already bought something after clicking on ads on Instagram.

Instagram research 2020 – technical information

The Instagram survey was conducted by Opinion Box during the month of June. 2035 interviews were collected with internet users from all over Brazil, registered in our Panel of Respondents. The research sample is representative of the universe of Brazilian Internet users, considering the distribution by sex, age group, social class and regions of Brazil. The survey’s margin of error is 2.2pp.

I want to know more about research and Instagram

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