Great Solutions with the Perfect Head Massage

When we think of 마사지코리아 massage, we often think of the back, shoulders or neck while the head often remains a little explored area. Many muscles originating from the back or the neck attach to the head, at the base of the skull. In addition, although it is not obvious at first glance, the head and face have many muscles allowing for example facial expression, swallowing, speech, etc. All of these muscles need to relax at some point. Dear customers, let yourself be blown away to fully enjoy all the benefits of this type of massage.

Headache relief

There are several forms of headache (headache) depending on their origin, Neuralgia, migraine, digestive headache, etc. Among these, fairly common tension headaches tend to persist over time, as they are often caused by muscle or joint tension. This problem provokes a tightening effect at the level of the head, characterized by “bandage” pain at the level of the nape of the neck, forehead and temples. Problems with the muscles, vertebrae or nerves in the neck can cause this type of headache. Having a head massage after a good neck massage is a continuation of the treatment and helps promote better blood circulation in this area and helps relax the muscles. For best headache results, it can be interesting to combine massage with the use of essential oils such as peppermint or officinal lavender to help relieve the sensation of pain and calm muscle spasms.

Improving hair health

The health and healthy appearance of hair depends greatly on the health of the scalp. Head massage stimulates blood microcirculation and therefore helps oxygenate the scalp cells. As the blood is the carrier of essential nutrients for hair health, by activating blood circulation, the hair follicle can be better nourished, which could help stimulate hair growth and health as well.

Reduced effects of stress on the body

Instinctively, when we are stressed or concerned we put our hands to our face, to our temples or our head. Many of us experience stress in the head and this can manifest as, among other things, headache, jaw tension, lump in the throat or stiffness in the temples or neck. The head massage has a soothing effect on the nervous system. Indeed, the skull has many nerves and nerve endings. By gently massaging the head, one can contribute to the passage of the central nervous system in parasympathetic mode. Relieving the effects of stress on the body can also help improve sleep quality, focus, and overall mood.

Improved concentration and memory

By improving blood circulation at the level of the head, the brain can be better irrigated and oxygenated allowing a better ability to think and to concentrate.

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