Essential Solutions For Water Maintenance in Detection

Every day water care becomes more important, learn the step by step to detect and repair water leaks from the toilet. In easy steps prevent water leaks in your bathrooms.

Detect the Leak

This is why, in times of savings in the country, the expert explains everything you must do to detect and repair these types of leaks. One of the most common water leaks in our home occurs in the toilet, when the seal on the outlet valve wears out.

  • Pour some food coloring into the toilet tank.
  • Wait 15 minutes without emptying it. If the food coloring appears in the cup, you have a leak.
  • Replace the tongue seal with a new one.

Easy steps to fix the leak

Install the inlet valve, passing the threaded stem through the hole and tighten the nut. Verify that none of the valve parts contact the walls. Install the outlet valve, passing the threaded stem through the larger hole. The overflow tube should be positioned at 11:00 (being 6:00 toward the front of the tank). Tighten the nut using an aluminum wrench. Insert the tapered gasket into the threaded valve stem until it stops against the tank. Insert the filling hose into the overflow tube of the outlet valve, maximum 1cm. To adjust the water level in the tank, tighten the screw all the way down and then unscrew 2 turns. Reconnect the supply tube. To do this, fit one end to the inlet valve and the other end to the inlet tube or regulation wall. The plumber ventura is the right person there.

Hook the flapper string onto the lever

The string should be slightly taut and the flapper fully supported on the outlet valve, making a perfect seal. Fill the tank with the proper water level and finally check for leaks.

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