Containment and Confinement: What Would be the Ideal Food Delivery System

Containment put the country on a halt well, almost! Meal delivery, apps in mind, never took a break despite the coronavirus. But can SARS COV 2 be delivered at the same time as your favorite pizza?

Delivery: measures have been taken

To offer a little escape during confinement, many of us take our phone to order pizza, sushi or burgers . But be careful, without precaution, this comfort food can bring the coronavirus into your home.

Yes, SARS COV 2 can enter your home with your meal

Having a meal delivered is not a trivial action during a COVID-19 epidemic.The risk share is complicated to assess. There is no food contamination. It is not the sushi that will make you sick, but the fact that the delivery man or the person who prepared the order coughed, did not wash his hands. With the confinement food delivery you can have the most enjoyable food items.

In fact, delivery people circulate a lot due to their activities, they can bring dozens of meals over the course of a day. These missions put them at risk of being infected with the new coronavirus, then of transmitting it to the following customers.

Beware of packaging

Researchers from the National Institutes of Health, the US government agency responsible for medical research, have demonstrated that SARS COV 2 can survive for several days on certain surfaces. For example, the coronavirus is able to survive 24 hours on cardboard, a packaging widely used by restaurateurs who offer a delivery service. The virus responsible for COVID-19 was also detected on plastic objects 3 days after contamination.

So, for those who can no longer do without their favorite dish, precautions must be taken. A doctor advises “you have to throw the bag and the packaging away and then wash your hands. You only have to keep the meal”.

  • If you are unsure of the standards followed by the restaurant that cooks your meal, it is best to avoid raw dishes such as sandwiches and salads, and favor cooked dishes. Cooking can destroy viruses.
  • It is also essential to wash your hands with hot water and soap (preferably liquid) after handling the packages received, but also before and after eating.
  • The Academy of Medicine recalls for its part “It is not the environment which is the main responsible for the dissemination of the virus, but the contacts between people”.

It is therefore not compulsory to give up the kitchen of your favorite restaurateur during the epidemic of the new coronavirus.