Carpet Cleaning and the vacuums

Fruit, juice, soft drink, beer, liquor and wine stains: use water, mild soap and a splash of vinegar. Chocolate, cocoa, ice cream, egg, coffee, tea, milk, sauces, blood and vomit stains: use water with mild soap and a splash of vinegar and then dry cleaning solvent.

Chewing gum, lipstick, paint, urine or excrement stains: they are cleaned by first applying a solvent for dry cleaning and then warm water with neutral soap and a splash of vinegar and finishing again with the solvent. Using the Hoover SmartWash is important here.

The right Options

Wax, cream, bitumen, oil, grease, butter, tar or pen stains: clean with alcohol or gasoline, applying the product to a cloth and then applying it to the stain gently, without rubbing, from the outside to the inside of the stain.

The nail polish will be cleaned with acetone and the mud will be allowed to dry, carefully scraped off and cleaned with water and a dash of ammonia.

Cleaning bamboo rugs

In general, bamboo rugs are easy to clean and do not require great care. These are the basic instructions:

  • Bamboo rugs usually have a light varnish coating the wood so that in case of stubborn stains you should apply a little neutral soap diluted in warm water. Remember that any product used should be applied to a clean, dry cloth and, if possible, white to eliminate any risk of color transfer.
  • The stains have to be cleaned at the moment so that no trace of them remains. To do this, if it is a spilled liquid, first absorb as much of the liquid as possible with a kitchen paper and then apply the diluted soap.
  • If the stain has not been caused by a liquid, it will be necessary to collect the product from the stain with the help of a brush and the same absorbent kitchen paper. Make sure that the brush has soft bristles to avoid scratching the varnish. Finally apply the diluted neutral soap.
  • For either type of stain it is essential to wet the carpet as little as possible and if the reverse has been wet, do not put it back on the floor until we have completely dried it , with a dryer if necessary. It is also worth standing it upright and waiting for it to dry naturally.

You see how many things can stain carpets. So many that not even Don Quixote could imagine them, and that he was from La Mancha. But the important thing is that we have a remedy for each stain and that we know how to act quickly and decisively before avoiding disaster.


Other solutions, but already a posteriori, involve various punishments and scavenging for those causing the stains, although that is already up to you (for example, punishing them to clean the carpet is a good idea).

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